Ethanol Dehydration by 3A Molecular Sieve Absorbent
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Ethanol Dehydration by 3A Molecular Sieve Absorbent

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Today, we will introduce an important application of 3A molecular sieve -- ethanol dehydration.

The oil crisis and air pollution has development of renewable energy. Ethanol is a renewable clean energy that can replace part of gasoline and completely replace gasoline. However, ethanol as a fuel must be without water, so there is ethanol dehydration by 3A zeolite.


Molecular sieve adsorption method is a technology that uses molecular sieve to adsorb and desorb the moisture of ethanol , the pore diameter of 3A molecular sieve is 3A, the ethanol is 4.4A that larger than the moisture 2.8A , so the molecular sieve can adsorb the moisture but not the ethanol. This is the principle of making the pure ethanol product.

The service life of molecular sieve is long, the adsorption capacity only decreases 30% after 2000 times of regeneration, which can reduce the cost of equipment; Chemxin 3A molecular sieve has strong high-temperature adsorption capacity, it still has 3.5% water absorption at 250 ℃, which can make the content of ethanol above 99.5%. So use molecular sieve adsorption method to dry the ethanol is a cheaper and more sensible choice.

Who are we?

1.Chemxin is a leading China manufacturer and exporter of 3A molecular sieve since Feb 2 ,2002, Our products strictly abide by National Standard GBT 10504-2008.

2.We specializing in analyzing, developing and manufacturing 3A Molecular Sieve for 20years, customers feedback our 3A molecular sieve is equal to UOP 3A-EPG molsivtm adsorbent.

3.We have 52000m2 factory with over 250 employees, own professional R&D team and laboratories.


Why choose us?

1.ON-TIME SUPPLY:  We have several automatic production line, the daily output is 38 tons that can meet the demands of key clients.

2.KEY CASES:lots of World Top 500 companies in OIL & GAS field are our long-term molecular sieve customers, such SHELL, AIR LIQUID, GE, SINOPEC etc., Excellent quality is our byword.

3.Competitive price: We are original manufacturer,  whatever you are trading company or final user, can buy it from us at first-hand price.

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