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Activated Molecular Sieve Powder Knowledge

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1.The main difference between activated molecular sieve powder and defoamer?

Activated molecular sieve powder is to absorb excess water, defoamer just defoam only, does not absorb water.

The principle of defoamer is to upset the balance of foam stability, so that the bubble hole ruptured. Activated powder is used to absorb water and break the balance of water phase and oil phase to defoamer.

2.What is the difference between activated powder and original powder?

The difference is that the original powder is the raw material of activated powder. The original powder is inactive and cannot absorb water.

3.Which type of glues are suitable to use activated powder?

Any trace amount of moisture in the glue that will affect the properties of the product.

4.What is the approximate temperature that activated powder can withstand in glue?

There is no problem below 500 degrees. When the original powder is roasted at 550 degrees, it will lose crystal water. When the temperature drops to room temperature, it will slowly absorb the water and recover. When the baking temperature is 900 degrees, the crystal structure is destroyed and cannot be restored, so it does not have water absorption. Therefore, the activated powder can withstand temperatures below 500 degrees.

5.What is the recommended amount of activated powder?

The amount of activated powder added is determined according to the trace moisture that needs to be removed from the system. Static water adsorption can reach 24%.  This means that under ideal conditions, the amount of water that activated powder can absorb is 24% of its own weight.

6. Will activated powder affect the viscosity of glue?

Activated powder does not have the effect of increasing the viscosity, and its impact on the viscosity of the system is only the impact of the addition of other inorganic materials.

7. Can activated powder be added to polyols?

The A component of two-component polyurethane is generally polyester polyol and polyether polyol, and activated powder is generally added to the A component.

8. Will activated powder spit out water, such as when placed in ink?

No. Activated powder is also a kind of molecular sieve, which is a static molecular sieve and cannot be regenerated in the system. The adsorption and desorption of molecular sieves are conditional. Desorption requires high temperature and low pressure. When used by customers, activated powder forms a uniform substance with the resin and does not have desorption conditions. This is why activated powder cannot be regenerated.


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