25tons 99% Ceramic Ball Shipped To Germany
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25tons 99% Ceramic Ball Shipped To Germany

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25tons 99% ceramic balls shipped to our Germany customer on December 25th , below is the loading picture. Thank you for trusting, we hope it is a good start for a long lasting business relationship.


What is the 99% ceramic ball?

CHEMXIN 99% alumina ball is a kind of high purity alumina ball, the main component is alumina (Al2O3) with very high hardness and wear resistance, which widely used in various industrial fields.

alumina ball

What is the application of ceramic ball?

In the ceramic and glass industries: high-alumina ball are used as grinding media to grind and purify raw materials. Due to the wear resistance and high hardness, it can effectively grind raw materials, improve product quality and output.

In the chemical and pharmaceutical industries: ceramic ball can be used as catalyst carriers and reaction media for various chemical reactions and drug synthesis. The corrosion resistance and high temperature stability can meet all kinds of harsh chemical reaction condition.

In addition, it also can be used as bed support and cover material for a variety of high-temperature furnaces and reaction devices. It can effectively prevent the loss and blockage of catalyst and improve the thermal efficiency.

Why choose Chemxin?

CHEMXIN has been producing ceramic ball for 21 years, our annual production capacity is 3000 tons/year, we can supply you on time.

Quality control is very strict under National Standard HG/T 3683.1-2014  "Industrial Porcelain Balls-Inert Porcelain Balls".

Lots of Top 500 Enterprises are our long term customers, such as USA General Electric Company, Hanwha, SHELL, AIR LIQUID, LG, SINOPEC,TATA GROUP, CHEVRON, etc.

Any needs, please feel free to contact us directly.

E: info@chemxin.com



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