20tons 13X Molecular Sieve Shipped To Asia
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20tons 13X Molecular Sieve Shipped To Asia

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20tons 13X molecular sieve shipped to our repeat Asia customer this month after a trail order of 1ton. The best quality and service is our bridge with our customers, we believe the repeat order will be continue in the future.


Two important applications of 13X zeolite in industry as below:

a)Removal of CO2 and moisture from air (air pre-purification) and other gases.

b)Removal of R-SH and H2S from hydrocarbon liquid streams (LPG, butane etc.)

Today let us introduce you b) application--- Desulfurization of 13X zeolite molecular sieve for natural gas:

1.Sulfur compounds in gasoline mainly include elemental sulfur, mercaptan, sulfide, disulfide, thiophene and other organic sulfurs.

2.The pore of 13x molecular sieve is 1nm, and it has strong adsorption for less than 1 nm molecules.

3.The research show that 13x molecular sieve has excellent adsorption and desulfurization capacity, while the adsorption capacity of saturated sulfur content is lower. That means 13x sieve adsorbent has high desulfurization efficiency for low sulfur fuel oil at room temperature, and has low efficiency for high sulfur fuel.

Guangzhou CHEMXIN engaged in the production of all various X-type A molecular sieves for 21 years. We have long-term cooperations with Top 500 enterprises at home and abroad, covering oil, electricity, chemical, metallurgy, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, aviation and other industries.


Any needs of molecular sieve, please feel free contact us via email or call us directly.

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